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How to Use Anonymously Instagram Viewer

If you would like to follow any Instagram profile without your own username being visible and watch their stories privately, you are at the right place! Today, as technology advances day by day, many things in life have being moved to online platforms. Relationships, especially. When many people like the person they know or meet in real life, they prefer to take the first step on the online platforms instead of talking or meeting them in person. Before taking this first step, people often follow the social media platforms to get to know each other better.

While following people with open profiles on Instagram, we often encounter situations such as accidentally liking other people’s posts or showing your Instagram name while watching their stories. In order to prevent this situation, we built this platform that provides anonymous Instagram viewer and anonymous Instagram story viewer. Thanks to, you can view the profile of any Instagram user without logging in and watch their stories without sharing any personal information.

You can use the search field on our homepage or go to page to start searching for people on Instagram. All you have to do is enter any user's profile name and press the search button. You can select the name of the relevant user from the list that appears and access the photos and stories they share. You can access the photos shared by this user, as well as view the comments made on their photos by going to their story and post details, privately and anonymously!