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Top-Rated Phones of 2022

Vivo X80 Pro

The Vivo X80 Pro is a premium phone with a lot of features and a great price. However, it has some shortcomings. For one, the battery life is a bit disappointing. In addition, it has an ugly cycling lock screen wallpaper. But, on the other hand, the phone has impressive camera capabilities. Its HDR photos come out with good contrast and good detail. The photos also look very natural.

The camera is a big part of what makes this phone so great. It has a 50MP main sensor with OIS, a 48 MP ultra-wide angle lens, a 12 MP portrait camera, and an 8MP periscope camera with LED flash. The camera also offers excellent picture quality, has a wide dynamic range, and is capable of producing clear images in direct sunlight.

OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus's latest flagship phone, the OnePlus 10 Pro, is a good choice for people who want a premium phone that can compete with the best flagships. It features a large curved screen and an octa-core processor. It should also work across most US carriers, including T-Mobile. However, it hasn't spent much time certifying it for Verizon or AT&T's 5G networks.

OnePlus 10 Pro is a well-built phone with 2022 flagship components. While most Chinese brands are still relatively unknown in North America, OnePlus has managed to successfully create a phone with nearly the same core performance as Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra for only $899.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung has released the new Galaxy S22 Ultra, a high-end smartphone that features Android 12. It has the One UI 4 software and Microsoft apps. The phone is available in a variety of colors, including black, burgundy, green, sky blue, and red.

Samsung has also improved its camera software, which includes a wider aperture for night shots. It also boasts two 10MP telephoto lenses with a 3x optical zoom and 10x optical zoom, which makes it one of the best phones in its price range.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is designed for photography enthusiasts. It features a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which is more powerful than the Snapdragon 888. This processor is perfect for zooming, taking selfies, and recording videos.

Apple's iPhone X

The iPhone X was a leap forward when it first came out. While the company's subsequent models, such as the iPhone 9, are better, the iPhone X can still be an excellent budget phone and look modern. It was the phone to have when it debuted in 2017, and there are plenty of reasons to keep it in 2022.

It runs on the same A11 Bionic processor as the iPhone X, so it is smooth and fast even when multitasking. It also features a wireless charging feature. Apple also didn't sacrifice performance to give the iPhone X a longer battery life, so it won't have any issues with updates in the near future. The iPhone 8 isn't a huge upgrade over the iPhone 7, however. The camera technology is the same.

Huawei P60 Pro Plus

The Huawei P60 Pro Plus 2022 is the latest flagship smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer, Huawei. This brand is the leader in mobile technology with more than 400 million users around the world. It boasts state-of-the-art technology and keeps updating its devices with the latest features. While the previous models were good, the Huawei P60 Pro Plus 2022 is the most impressive device yet.

The Huawei P60 Pro Plus 2022 will have a large 6.9-inch display with 1440 x 3440 resolution and 650 PPI density. It will also come with Corning Gorilla Glass 7 protection.