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Useful Chrome Extensions

Keeping multiple tabs open in Chrome can be very draining on your mobile device's battery life and RAM. To free up some memory, you can use the Great Suspender extension. This extension suspends unused tabs and reloads them when you navigate to them. It's a great way to free up some memory on your mobile device and keep everything running smoothly.


Distill is a useful Chrome extension that allows you to surf the web safely. The extension lets you add a "Watchlist" to websites you are interested in, and you can choose to receive email notifications when changes occur on those websites. It also allows you to configure your preferences by letting it know which sites you visit frequently.

Distill helps you monitor webpages by monitoring changes to the content and notifying you by email, SMS, or push notification. It is great for keeping track of content that you find interesting for citation or study, and for keeping track of it for future reference. Distill also helps you find cutting-edge articles from trusted sources.

Page Ruler Redux

Page Ruler Redux is a useful tool for web designers and developers. It lets you see how different elements on a website fit together. It also allows you to use keyboard shortcuts to easily navigate the page. It also lets you view the color palettes of websites. The extension stores the CSS for you, so you never have to worry about losing your styles when you reload a page.

Another useful extension is the Web Developer extension, which offers easy access to various web developer tools. The extension also features Lightshot, which lets you take screenshots of your websites and save them in different formats. It also allows you to manage browser tabs and save open tabs as collections. Other useful extensions include Fonts Ninja, which helps you analyze fonts. Colorpick is another useful extension that helps you choose the color you want.


The ColorZilla Chrome extension is an excellent tool for picking out colors on websites. It works with any color number, hex or RGB value. You can also specify an area of the page where you want to pick a color, a pixel or a percentage of the color.

ColorZilla is free to download, and it boasts over 3 million users and a 4.4 rating. Its color picker is a handy feature for website developers and graphic designers alike. The extension scans any website and displays the colors it finds. This is useful when developing new websites, or when rebuilding an existing one. Using the extension can greatly speed up the process, since it saves you a lot of time doing manual color analysis.

PNH Developer Toolbar

Web Developer chrome is an extension that adds a handy toolbar to the top of the browser. It's very similar to the PNH Developer Toolbar and comes with a plethora of useful tools for developers and designers. In addition to its usual Chrome Inspector functionality, it also includes rulers, outlines, and more.

Hiver is another great extension for web development. It automatically assigns important emails to developers and tracks them in real time. It also helps developers test web performance and SEO. It provides direct visual feedback. It's especially useful if you're trying to contribute to a new project.

ColorPick Eyedropper

ColorPick Eyedropper is an extension that will help you find the exact RGB or HEX color code of any web page. It has an adjustable zoom function and will even pick colors from elements on the webpage, such as Flash or HTML5 players. It's completely free and won't show any ads. It's also easy to use.

If you're a designer or work with color-coding in your design, ColorPick Eyedropper Chrome extension will make your life easier. It will tell you the exact RGB or hex color value of any object you hover over in a web page. It also allows you to copy the selection and convert the RGB value to HEX, allowing you to change the color of an object.


The Ghostery Chrome extension is a great tool for anyone who is concerned with their privacy. This free browser extension blocks tracking technologies that collect personal data and create profiles about you. This extension also speeds up your browsing and removes page clutter. It also allows you to control what you see on websites, as it blocks ads and banners.

Another Chrome extension you can install is the Noisli plugin. It allows you to create the background noise that you desire and allows you to set a timer for your activities. It also prevents your browser from going crazy with all the tabs that you've opened. With this extension, you can see as many as 36 tabs in one window without feeling overwhelmed.